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I made a Feuilly for thecoffeetragedy because she’s a sweetheart.


I made a Feuilly for thecoffeetragedy because she’s a sweetheart.

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Selfie bc I’m feeling v cute


Selfie bc I’m feeling v cute


never-ending list of favorite people #2 (part 2): chris mccarrell

stingrays are proof pokemon walk among us.

(part 1)

also i found my hc combeferre in the wwz plane scene

the plane scene in world war z is one of my favorite scenes in a movie ever


Okay so let’s talk about Les Amis et al having a movie night/sleepover.

  • Marius falls asleep within ten minutes of the first movie starting. Cosette and Courf spend an hour lovingly covering his sleeping body in pens and paper cups.
  • Everyone learns to not play “Never Have I Ever” with Combeferre, because that man has done everything
  • Courfeyrac is the party game king. And he’s dragging everyone else down with him. Resistance is met with a pillow fight of epic proportions.
  • Joly brings so many blankets and pillows he gets lost in a personal blanket cocoon. You know he’s in there, because the lump is suspiciously Joly shaped and keeps sneezing, but that’s all the data you have to go on.
  • Feuilly is pretty much always in the kitchen, making everyone drinks or getting more snacks. Of course it’s not because he hates horror movies. That’s not a thing. He just… well, you can’t prove anything. 
  • Bossuet snores so loudly he’s usually forced to sleep in the spare room. Or his car. Or once, a tent in the garden.
  • Enjolras and Grantaire will never agree on a movie to watch. Ever. It’s best to let the host pick movies beforehand, and then hope like mad that E and R will get too distracted by snuggling to complain.
  • Eponine laughs at anything gory. She laughed so hard at Saw she nearly hurt herself. 
  • There’s always that one person who can and will quote along with every Disney movie. In this group, it’s Bahorel. His rendition of “Tale As Old As Time” brought Marius to tears. 
  • Historical movies have been banned when Jehan is present. His rant on historical inaccuracies in The Other Boleyn Girl was three times longer than the actual movie.
  • If you sleep near Courf you will be spooned before the morning. Don’t fight the inevitable. Dude’s an epic sleep snuggler.
  • Cosette will always try to tell ghost stories. She loses track halfway through the story because she’s giggling too hard at Enjolras’s horrified squeaks. Every time.
  • Combeferre cannot be allowed to make breakfast. Not after the Hey-Look-A-Moth-Um-Shit-The-Curtains-Are-On-Fire incident of 2011.
  • If anyone tries to get out of a sleepover for any reason other than actually being on fire, everyone else will turn up to your house a day later with popcorn and whiskey and you will be forced to re-live the entire night. 



"Because that’s where she lives."

I lost it.



Once a Joly, always a Joly.

(They have a fan club)

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"Don’t drink that." Combeferre said as Courfeyrac joined him at the pool edge. "Don’t you dare. Not one drop."

"What?" Courfeyrac replied. "Of course I’m going to drink it, I’ll die otherwise!"

"You’ll die if you do drink it."

There was an unsettling pause before Combeferre broke the silence. “Poison. It’s poisoned.”

"But you? You-" Courfeyrac couldn’t finish his sentence.

"Yeah, I did."

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Band Camp is killing me every marching band kid ever


I’m thankful for all the different ways I can eat potatoes


*messes up on Bb flat scale*
Me: I’m a useless member of society


My favorite thing about marching band is that one of the first things they tell you is ‘If a judge is in your way, run them over’


F is for forte, get your shit together
U is for u need practice
N is no, you can’t have a water break, why do you even ask this

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