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Laverne Cox SLAYED the Facebook Photo Stop on the Emmys Red Carpet.


dameferre asked: oh you wanted to write long distance courferre but didn't know details you could write like BNF tumblr au where one of them writes fic and the other does fanart and they meet doing that and like flirt and watch new episodes together through livestream and bicker lightheartedly about characterization and stuff and discuss prevalent issues in the fandom with enj the sj blogger and then get together and write/draw each other cute things and the entire fandom tries to figure out if they're a couple


courfeyrac said:

Hey! I just wanted to pop in and say hi! It looks like we got paired together— you’re writing the fic, obviously, I’m doing the art, the whole shebang, and I just wanted to come and greet you and stuff. I’m Courfeyrac, anyway.

Combeferre looked over the message, and nodded to himself, his fingers hovering over the keys, unsure of what to say in response. Finally, he settled with typing out Hi, I’m Combeferre, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Do you want to maybe move this to skype or email? You can find me at or just under the Skype name ‘mothicalcreatures’, feel free to contact me at either or both locations.

He clicked ‘send’, and returned to his dash. He had already worked on the fic for the day— he didn’t need to do any more. It was almost done, anyway.

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The level.

i’m very angry and very impressed


Since day one I have had no doubt in my decision to vote YES in the 2014 Scottish Independence Elections but this has possibly even furthered my certainty. This is a leaflet that the Better Together campaign delivered to THE MENTALLY DISABLED and other VULNERABLE groups of people across Scotland over the past few days. Not only is this disgustingly patronising and exploitative, it is taking advantage of a demographic, some of whom are genuinely unaware of how to carry out a vote, and telling them this is how theyre supposed to vote. It is both misleading and an insanely sinister ploy to sway (disabled) undecided voters. How they think they can get away with this is faaaaar beyond me and anyone else who is aware of this. In the past week, the Better Together has also released an advert promoting their party (here it is). This advert is laughably patronising and insanely sexist. How anyone can still be voting No after seeing that and watching the most recent referendum television debate and studied proposals made on both sides is, again, beyond me. Do your research. Pay attention to the signs. VOTE YES ON SEPTEMBER 18TH. 

There was a horrible, erratic thumping in my chest, as if a large bird was trapped inside my ribcage and beating itself to death.
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Modern Achilles/Patroclus AU



"You better leave before my mom finds you in my bed. Again."

i fell asleep at 5pm last night


I walked through Central Park today


Vincent van Gogh


every 1st september we joke about getting ready for hogwarts to cover up the very real and very very deep scars of never getting our letters

viserys is hella attractive but i’m so glad he finally got his golden crown he deserves it!!

i actually WANT to go to school tomorrow i need to get better today aughjhh


javert signs up for a gay dating site after seeing that its slogan is “we’ll help you find the man you’ve been searching for all your life”


A Perfect Day for Bananafish, Ákos Major